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ID Card Software & Credentials

  • HID® Asure ID® Exchange

    Languages supported : English, French, German etc.

    Optional Support : Optional annual/multi-year support packages

    Brand : HID

    Usage : Data Management Tools

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    HID® Asure ID® Exchange

  • HID® Asure ID® Solo

    Brand : HID

    Type : Card Personalization Software

    Printing : Dual-sided Printing

    Save and Search Records Limit : 200

    Automated Notifications : Software Updates

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    HID® Asure ID® Solo

  • HID® Asure ID® Express

    Brand : HID

    Support : Fluorescing Panel (F-Panel) Support

    Printing : Sheet and batch printing

    Type : Photo ID Card Software

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    HID® Asure ID® Express

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